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Format Date
Formats a date/datetime value based on the format string. If the input value was null/empty/a non-date object, the input is returned as is.

How to use,
Let's say, you have a DateTime field in Marketo such as System.DateTime and you want the month to me used in your email,
Pass a DateTime value like '2016-12-31 15:00:01' 
and a format string as 'F', you get the month 'December'.
a format string as 'm/d/Y', you get back 12/31/2016
a format string as 'm/d/Y
Generate pdf files dynamically
Do you need to automatically populate the user inputs and calculated values in a predefined pdf template? Use this webhook to generate a pdf file on the fly.
Next unused promotion code
Do you have a promotion where you need to automatically pick a valid. unused promotion code from an external table? 

May be you have specially generated promo codes from your finance system to be used. Thus you can not generate promo codes on your own but pick one from these set of valid promo codes.

Use this webhook to do just that seamlessly.

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