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We proactively scout for business cases that fellow Marketo users are seeking solutions for.
Here are some of the frequently requested business cases that we have managed to solve so far.
Please feel free to try them and reach out to us if you have any questions.
If you have any business case which is not covered here, we would like to hear (and possible help you solve it)

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  Use Case Name  
Address clean up from USPS database 
Assign the last unused promotion code from a predefined list of codes  
Audit Trail of a field value change 
Automatically convert names to proper case
Can we generate unique ID numbers in Marketo?
Enhance field events with QR code
Extract a portion of a field value
Extract Domain name from email
Field A contains Field B value with CASE?
Field A contains Field B value?
Format phone numbers in north American format
Generate a Unique Promo Code for Each Member of a Campaign. 
Generate pdf files dynamically
Increment / Decrement a Marketo Date field
Localize Date format from Marketo tokens based on the Locale a lead is in 
Newline character in Change Data Value
Populate the job function and related information from Linkedin
Replace any occurrences of Field A value in Field C with value of Field B (Case sensitive)
Replace any occurrences of Field A value in Field C with value of Field B 
Send emails based on the local timezone of each lead  
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